Q: What is an emotional support human?

I’m glad you asked! An emotional support human refers to someone who provides emotional support to an attendee. This can be to help with social anxiety, neurodivergence, or any other needs that you may have. Includes spouses, partners, personal assistants and even cover models. Whoever you need to make your weekend the best it can be.

Q: Does my VIP Reader Weekend Pass include everything?

Your weekend pass includes all reader events and parties. There are a few specific items that are for authors on Saturday and Sunday morning but otherwise you are all in! More information about what tickets include can be found at: https://smutlovers.org/home/conference/tickets/

Q: Can I bring books for authors to sign?

Absolutely! Our signing authors will have books available for purchase at the book signing and many will also have preorder forms. You can preorder, purchase the day of or bring your own.

Q: What do I need to know about the room block at The Rosen Centre?

The room block is from September 21st through September 24th. Pricing is $132 a night plus tax. Parking is discounted for overnight guests and is $15 a night for Self Parking or Valent is $35 a day. Rosen hotels authorizes the card 5 days prior to arrival for room and tax for validity and funds for one night’s room and tax. Upon check in the card will be authorized for $25 per day per person for incidentals. The system assumes $25.00 per day per person is enough for incidentals. Both are holds, (not charges) unless they use debit card to hold the room (since debit cards are attached to bank account, it shows as a charge). The details for all of this is included in your confirmation email when you book.

Q: Is Smut Lovers: The Conference happening again in 2024?

Absolutely! Our hope is that each year we will expand on the education we are providing authors and readers while continuing to close the gap between the romance book world and the kink community.

Q: What will security look like?

Due to the nature of our content, Smut Lovers: The Conference is employing our own security team. You will see them throughout the conference at the entrances and in the rooms during panels, events, and signings. We don’t want anyone there that shouldn’t be there, and we want to ensure our authors and readers feel safe at every turn. They are not to be confused with our volunteers, this group of individuals are there specifically for everyone’s safety, and they will be working directly with hotel security throughout the event.

Q: Will masks be required to attend?

Smut Lovers: The conference will follow the rules and regulations decided by the CDC and the State of Florida. At this time masks are not required but they are encouraged.