Dark Romance After Party

Amanda Bentley has been an improviser since 2016, when she began taking classes. She later joined her local improv theater’s cast in 2017 and formed her own improv troupe with some of her classmates, including her now husband. She’s super excited to merge smut and improv for a stellar performance at Smut Lovers: The Conference!

Kaila Yeager is a book lover, horror lover, stationary lover, and feline enthusiast. Kaila was involved in improv several years ago and it was what made her turn to humor to cope with life, the good and the bad. She can’t wait for smutty improv and quirky, off the cuff situations at Smut Lovers: The Conference!

Stella Boheme has worn many wigs in her illustrious 15 year career, from performer to show producer. She got her start in Columbus, OH raising money while performing with the troupe Bear-Villities. In her time in Ohio, she traveled and performed all around the state and held the title of Miss Columbus Gay Pride 2014. In 2020, she moved to Orlando, FL and added a new element to her drag: Tarot readings. Queen of Glam Tarot was created in October 2020 and can be seen at popular locations such as Cafe Tu Tu Tango, The Sea Witch of Cocoa Village and Angel’s Oasis as well as many different conventions in Florida. Stella is thrilled to bring her performance and her cards to this incredible event!! 

Bio: Journey into hell-bound glamor with Debbie Diablo. This blood-lusted beauty can be seen performing in the troupes Theoretical Rejects, ND Theatricals and Speakeasy Sirens, as well as local theatre and opera productions. This 4’11 Latina bombshell is here to entrance you with beautiful singing, enchanting dance, and devilish charm. She is the embodiment of glamor and filth with her love of body horror and charm. Debbie Diablo is simply the treasure you cannot afford.

Ms. Ru has been involved in BDSM and kink since 1993. She identifies as a Leather Domme who also enjoys being a Top, Sadist and Educator. She facilitates the Orlando Dominant Round Table, co-owns SILK(Sisters In Leather and Kink) and can be found most weekends managing The Woodshed. Ms. Ru has a passion for community and strives to help new learners and experienced members continue on their path with the knowledge and safety needed to grow.

Freya is a classically trained ballerina who found rope in 2014. Since then, she has become dedicated to learning all she could about rope and BDSM. During that time, she has become a nationally recognized rope educator as well as contributing to the education and support of the Orlando BDSM community.  She has 5 years experience as a kink educator working at The Woodshed Orlando as well as teaching and performing several rope bondage conventions across the country. Freya is also involved with BDSM as a lifestyle and is in a 24/7 D/s dynamic as a collared submissive. 

Nevertheless first stepped their toes into kink in 2013 and began practicing the lifestyle seriously in 2014.  They began their journey as a Daddy Dom and a Top and found their specialization in rope bondage, knife play and shame/humiliation play.  They trained extensively in rope and after many years of practice became a nationally recognized rope educator as well as a general kink educator based out of Orlando.  They have taught and performed at several rope bondage conventions across the country and are always glad to share their knowledge and passion for both rope and BDSM with whomever gets them started on the topic.  While now more of a top leaning switch, they enjoy a long term 24/7 power exchange dynamic as a Dominant.

Gaymerdee is a lgbt+ cosplayer and performer bringing you flash, flips, and fabulousness with every chance he can. He’s been performing around the central Florida convention scene for the past decade doing stage combat, dancing, acting and burlesque! You may have seen him as an assortment of dazzling characters creatively gender swapped or popping to life in crazy fashions. Breaking barriers with his style and body type he has performed for Speakeasy Sirens, CRH Productions, My Geek Glory and Theoretical Rejects in multiple projects. As assistant director in speakeasy sirens, he makes sure to put all that ass in all his performances.

Valerie Voss is a long time dancer joining Smut Lovers: The Conference as one of the amazing Gogo dancers that will be performing throughout the night. You can often find her performing with the Speakeasy Sirens or even at The Woodshed Orlando. Find more about Valerie here: https://linktr.ee/valerievoss

You know ’em, you love ’em, they’re DEFINITELY not the one writing all this hype about themselves (sarcasm) ⁠it’s @lottieflick !!

Lottie Flick is a proudly queer, fat, and Latiné performer from Orlando, FL! This “showstopper from the crypt” is a graduate of the Burlesque Conservatory and can be seen producing shows with Theoretical Rejects. They believe that anyone regardless of weight, age, race, gender, or experience deserves a place on stage. You may have seen this stressed, depressed, and oh so well dressed performer tassel twirling around the country! 

Rocky is a local leather-clad dog DJ who specializes in experimental pop and alternative music for drag shows such as “Diversified Drag,” “Totally Ghoul,” “Dinner with the Oddity’s,” and “SPIKEFEST.” His unique style and energetic performances have made him a beloved figure within the local drag community, constantly pushing boundaries and celebrating individuality. Rocky’s influence continues to shape and enhance the local drag scene with his captivating sets.